20 ‘Patil’ glory in the assembly! Here’s the ‘Sir Name’ Secret!

20 ‘Patil’ glory in the assembly!  Here’s the ‘Sir Name’ Secret!
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Bangalore:Karnataka assembly election result has given many surprises this time. A look at the list of winning candidates reveals many interesting facts. Patil is the one who caught everyone’s attention!

Yes, 20 MLAs with the surname ‘Patil’ and ‘Patil’ have been elected to the assembly this time. This surname (surname) is not only in use in the state of Karnataka, but also in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh. In these states the important village leaders are called Patela, Patila, Patil. As far as Karnataka is concerned, if Patila is in use in North Karnataka, the sub-name ‘Gowdar’ increases as you go south. Gaudar, Gaudaru sirname is also increasing in North Karnataka.

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Patil sir’s name also made noise in the Karnataka assembly election results. This time, 87 candidates from all parties who had Patil and Patil Sir name contested. Out of these 20 have been elected as MLAs. 12 from Congress, 7 from BJP and one Patil from JDS have entered the assembly.

Following are the names of ‘Patil’s’ MLAs in the Assembly:

Name of MLA field the party
Abhay Patil Belgaum South BJP
Baba Saheb Patil Kittoor Congress
Allam Prabhu Patil Kalaburagi South Congress
B. R. Patil Alanda Congress
Dr. Sharan Prakash Patil Sedum Congress
M. Y. Patil Afzalpur Congress
G. S. Patil color Congress
C. C. Patil Naragunda BJP
H. K. Patil Gadaga Congress
G. T. Patil don’t fall Congress
M. R. Patil kundagola BJP
Sidhu Patil Humanabad BJP
Basanagowda Patila Yatna Vijayapura city BJP
Yashwantaraya Gowda Patil Ind Congress
M. B. Patil Babaleshwar Congress
Sivananda Patil Snail Bagevadi Congress
Rajugowda Patil Hipparagi of God JDS
Dr. Shivraj Patil Raichur BJP
Channareddy Patil Hundred be Congress
Dodna Gowda Hanumana Gowda Patil leprosy BJP

How did the name Patil / Patil originate?

When searching for the origin of this Patil or Patil sub-name, Amaresh Nugadoni, a retired professor of Hampi Kannada University, gave an apt explanation. British, Peshwas and Nizams used to give the surname Patil Anno. This sub-name was given to local leaders of villages. Nugadoni explained that most Patils are Lingayats. Amaresh Nugadoni, who spoke to Vijaya Karnataka web’s sister organization Times of India, said that although Patil surname can be found among Brahmins, shepherds and Maratha community as well, it is rare.

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Upper caste people and economically strong people were of course given the surname Patil. The British, Peshwas and Nizams used to give land in the form of Inam or Jahgir. Those who got land in this way got the surname of Inamdar, Jahgirdar. Patel had these surnames as an alternative. Amaresh explained that he used to administer at the Gram Panchayat level.

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MLA of Rona Constituency of the Congress Party, who has earned the distinction of being a four-time MLA. S. Patil has also commented on this. He recalled that our forefathers were also known as ‘Police Patila’. After independence, the rank of police officer was abolished. Thus, our forefathers said that they removed the police and retained only the Patil sir name.

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