₹ 1,439 crores payable to sugarcane growers

Bangalore: Large quantities of sugar are being exported abroad and sugar prices are not even at the lowest level. However, the government has failed to pay back the dues to the sugarcane growers, which is worth Rs 1,439 crore. Still pending payment.

Among these, Minister Niranjan Sugar Mudhola Barobbari, owned by Minister Murugesh Nirani, raised Rs 137.53 crore. If the arrears remain, the legislator is rich b. Athani Sugars owned by Patil is worth Rs 51.86 crore. Pending. There are many factories owned by politicians, with a total of 72 sugar mills saving sugarcane growers by 2021-22. The department is giving him notice and washing.

Meeting by the Minister of Sugar

Sugar Minister Shankar Patil Muneenakoppa is holding a meeting in Vikasasudha on Wednesday amidst pending payments from sugar mills to sugarcane growers. The meeting was attended by the relatives of the various sugar factories, and Sabaki was instructed to pay.

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From what factories, how much?

* Arihant Sugars – Rs 7.87 crore

* Athani Sugars – Rs 51.86 crore

* Harsha Sugars – Rs 18.62 crore (Legislator Lakshmi Hebbalkar, MLC Channaraj Hatti)

* Hiranyakeshi – Rs 18.49 crore

* Malaprabha SSK – Rs 29.30 crore

* Renuka Sugars, Athani – Rs 37.65 crore

* Renuka Sugars, Savadatti – Rs 72.05 crore

* Hugar Sugars, Athani – Rs 81.92 crore

* Beagle Sugars – Rs 39.83 crore

* Gem Sugars – Rs 40 crore

ಸಾಲ 6,000 crore outstanding for Apex Bank, heavy loan from Zaraki Holly and Hebbalkar – STS
* Godavar Sugars – Rs 78.70 crore

* Nirani Sugars and Mudhola – Rs 137.53 crore

* Saipriya Sugars – Rs 43.50 crore

* Bhalkeshwar Sugars – Rs 48.76 crore

* Renuka Sugars, Afzalpur – Rs 51.41 crore

* Jamakhandi Sugars, Ind. – Rs 26.28 crore

* KPR Sugars – Rs 23.24 crore

* Sangamnath Sugars – Rs 17.47 crore

* Shri Balaji Sugars – Rs 50.74 crore

* Shri Basaveshwara Sugars, Karajola – Rs 57.74 crore

With this, a total of Rs 1,439 crore is pending.

Last year, two sugar mills were issued notice to sugarcane growers. Basaveshwara Sugars had Rs 9.50 crore, while the Core Green Sugars factory had a balance of 6.41. These factories were given notice of reservation. But now, Basaveshwara Sugars is back at Rs 57.74 crore. Pending.