Telangana: Key decision on university appointments .. Telangana government issues official orders ..

Telangana Education: Another step has been taken to replace teaching and non-teaching staff posts in Telangana universities. The Government (TS Government) has issued orders setting up a Common Recruitment Board for University Recruitment. The Chairman of the Board of Higher Education is the Chairman of the Board of the Commonwealth. Until now, vacancies within any university have been filled by the respective varsities. However, the government decided at a cabinet meeting in April to set up a Common Recruitment Board to replace university posts. The file on the formation of the board was recently signed by CM KCR. Now it has come into force. The posts will be filled by the Centralized Recruitment Board in all the 15 universities except the Medical University in the state by the Common Recruitment Board.

The government has already approved the replacement of more than 3,500 varsity posts and will take steps to replace them. However, with the formation of the Common Recruitment Board, the existing varsities act has to be changed. Approval is also required at the varsity ease. It seems likely that the posts will be filled by the Recruitment Board after that.

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