Tech lay offs 2022: Another tech company to send home a huge number of employees.. this is the reason..

On the path of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Snapchat, Twitter and Zomato, another giant company is preparing to lay off its employees in a big way. By the end of November, many more jobs will be lost among the employees. Why all the companies mentioned above have laid off their employees this month. Recently, it seems that Cisco, the leading telecom equipment manufacturing company, will also send around 4,100 employees home. About 83 thousand people are working in the companies of this company all over the world. At a time when the economic recession is looming.. It is reported that as part of the Cisco company’s rebalancing process, around 5 percent of people are being laid off in various departments around the world.

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said this while talking to the media recently. We are resizing the company’s businesses. We are currently focusing on cost reduction. This is not just dismissal of employees. Just for rebalancing. We are following this method to improve the affairs of the company. Chuck Robbins said, “We can’t say how many people are going to be fired right now until the whole process is done.”

Meta, Twitter, Salesforce, Microsoft and Stripe are giving pink slips to employees to recover from economic recession. Now Cisco has also joined the list of those companies.

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