Notice Period Rules: Is it necessary to provide notice period after resignation from employment? What are the HR rules..

Notice Period Rules: Is it necessary to provide notice period after resignation from employment?  What are the HR rules..

Employees resign from their current company to switch to another company. After this they have to serve a notice period to the existing company. There is a situation where notice period is given in all companies. But its rules are different in different companies. Employees can also leave employment without providing a notice period. But for this they have to fulfill some conditions. Why provide notice period..? Let’s find out why this is important for an employee.

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What do the policy and regulations say..

If an employee does not comply with the notice period rules.. he will suffer financially. When an employee joins a company.. many documents are signed at that time. It also contains the terms and conditions of working with the company.

In this, the terms and conditions of the company regarding the notice period are mentioned. What does your notice period mean? If you don’t want to provide notice period.. what is the rule. You company will detail all the information in these documents.

Notice period

However, no rule has been laid down as to the duration of the notice period. All these are written in the company agreement. Generally, the notice period for probationary employees ranges from 15 days to one month. For permanent employees i.e. employees on payroll.. it will be from one to three months.

You must follow the contract you signed while hiring. No company can force an employee to provide a notice period. The conditions to provide for the notice period are written into the contract itself.

Options that do not provide for a notice period

In many companies, holidays are also adjusted in lieu of notice period. Apart from this, there is also an option of payment in lieu of notice period. That is, you have to pay the company based on the basic pay.

It is also common for companies to purchase notice periods. This means that the company pays the remaining salary in lieu of notice period in full, also known as F&F.

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