Notice Period: 10 percent additional salary will be paid to the resigned employees of this company..! You will be shocked if you know why..

This company pays its employees to leave: Usually there is a notice period condition when employees working in one company resign and move to another company. It varies from company to company. But Gorella Company in America is very generous towards their employees. Apart from respecting the decision of the employees who resigned, they are also being paid 10 percent additional salary and making them respectable. John Franco, the CEO of Gorilla Company, told LinkedIn. But we do not want to put strict rules on the employees. Moreover, it takes some time for them to find a new job. That is why we have brought a new policy so that they quit in just 3 months. We will also pay 10 percent additional salary for the remaining three months. This policy not only relieves the employees from the strict rules but also acts as an incentive to get the job they want. There is no danger that this policy will encourage more employees to leave the company. In fact, we don’t want employees to leave the company. But we think that all the employees should leave the company. If not, the purpose of our policy is to ensure that transitions are easy,” he said. LinkedIn praised this US company’s policy.

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