Medical Education: Good news for medical students of Ukraine! Gnesignal to study medicine in India.

academic mobility program offered by Ukraine: Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, good news has been given to the medical students who returned to India from there. Ukraine has recently taken a decision to allow students to complete their studies in medical universities of other countries. The National Medical Commission (NMC) on Tuesday (September 6) approved the Academic Mobility Program of Ukraine considering the special conditions prevailing there. Students who have completed their medical education in other countries are awarded a degree only from the University of Ukraine. According to the latest NMC Act, students studying in foreign medical colleges have the flexibility to get their degree from only one university. The mobility program offered by Ukraine is only intended to provide temporary relocation in universities in different countries around the world. The National Medical Commission has stated in its report that it is the University of Ukraine that prioritizes degrees upon completion of medical education. On this occasion, the commission informed that there is no objection to Indian medical students studying in Ukraine to complete their degrees through the academic mobility programme. Meanwhile, students pursuing medical education abroad have to complete the screening test regulations in our country. Only those who are gifted in this will get the recognition of our country.

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