Law Course in SKU: ‘We will continue the law course..’ Srikrishna Devaraya University officials backed down

It is inevitable that the varsity vice-chancellor has written a letter to the higher education council asking to stop law admissions for the academic year 2022-23 in Anantapuram Srikrishna Devaraya University in Andhra Pradesh. The university authorities backed down after several news agencies published articles saying that law admissions were being stopped due to students raising their voices on the university’s issues. The university, which has been conducting law courses since 52 years, is stopping the admissions of three-year law courses with the aim of targeting students. Moreover, many people are questioning what is the secret behind the authorities saying that the course cannot be continued due to the lack of faculty, if there are 10 teachers including professor, assistant professor and 8 temporary faculty in the law department.

On the other hand, it is ironic to say that the course cannot be conducted even though there are so many faculty, and the students’ associations have also expressed concern that the course should be continued. Responding to this, CPI State Secretary Ramakrishna has written letters to Chief Minister Jagan, MLC Kathi Narasimha Reddy and the Chief Secretary of the Government asking them to continue the course. The VC agreed that he would either continue with the law course.

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