job for no work experience: Fresher job tips: If you are not getting a job without experience, then follow these tips – how to find jobs without any work experience

Career After 12th: Most of the youth looking for jobs are often troubled by the fact that they are not able to enter any company just because they do not have experience. The big thing is that until the job is not found, how will the experience be. In such a situation, it is not really easy for the youth to get a job in any company as a fresher. This dilemma can be solved with the right planning and foresight.

Full focus on internship
Internship and volunteering is the best way to get a job in any company as a pressure. However, during studies, students do not understand its importance properly. Many business management students go into internships thinking that they will learn about complex subjects such as marketing, advertising or sales. It may be so, but let’s assume that they are only a small part of the process. Whether the job is big or small, do not feel ashamed to do whatever you get to do during the internship, rather try to learn more and develop your skills from it. The best way to learn during an internship is through observation.

Pay attention to what’s happening around you, and if you have new ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate to bring them up to your boss or mentor. Your idea may be rejected, but this will give you a chance to show interest in your work. Do not consider making a good recognition among your seniors as less than an achievement. There is no doubt that one day you can also get a job through this internship. So make the most of this opportunity and save the experience gained from it for the struggles to come.
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be your guide
Getting a job for the first time is not easy, so first get acquainted with the people working in the relevant field and make yourself a guide, who will help you move forward. In today’s time it is easy to find such mentors through social media, but initially with the help of college professors and seniors, you can get information about the job scenario that suits you. Not only this, you can get your right mentor by coming in contact with the right people during the internship. So don’t underestimate the role of ‘networking’ and keep in touch with new people as much as possible and keep looking for new opportunities to get their experience and knowledge from them.

prove yourself worthy
During the selection process in a company, you try to impress the selector with your ability and track record. If a candidate’s CV mentions such ‘skill sets’ that can attract a prospective employer, he/she may not have to wait long for the interview call. Because while selecting the right candidate, employers pay a lot of attention not only on the ‘qualification’ but also on the qualities like thinking and decision making ability, problem solving ability, public behavior and creativity of the candidate. It is therefore necessary to include such references while preparing your resume or resume. So that you can showcase these qualities.

Keep in mind that while giving the right example can attract the attention of the employer, on the other hand, exaggerating or writing false experiences can cost you the job. Therefore, write such references not from your imagination, but only after gaining real experience.
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Don’t limit your knowledge to the syllabus only.
In today’s time, so much of new technology is being used in almost all fields that it may not be possible to include them in any syllabus. For this reason, the toughest criteria have been created for the recruitments. No matter how many degrees you have, unless you are aware of the latest developments in the relevant industry, you will be considered a thumb impression. So keep trying to keep yourself advanced through ‘short term courses’ and skill development courses. This way you will not only be able to stay one step ahead of your competitors, but you will also get to know more about new opportunities than others.

Take volunteer based work experience
A college student may not have professional work experience, but they can take volunteer based work experience and show it in their CV or resume. Many students have no idea what a volunteer based work experience is and how it helps them when they leave their college campus to look for their first job. There are no fixed parameters or criteria to define volunteer work experience, generally we can say that other than your academic studies if you do any work by which you learn something new and acquire new skills. You are not paid for this, but you get work experience. This work is called Volunteer Work Experience. If you have this in your resume, then you will benefit.


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