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Today the world has become a global village. It is not limited to the financial sector but has become part of the education system. The University of Chandigarh (Chandigarh University) has introduced international standards, especially in the face of increasing participation of foreign institutions in education. As part of this, over 383 international organizations have taken part. Over 221 students from Chandigarh University have secured internships at the international organization Walt Disney. Through this the students are being educated internationally. Part of this is giving students some options.

* International Summer‌, Winter‌ Programs‌

* Semester Abroad / Exchange Programs

* Higher Education Programs

* Global Immersion Programs

* International‌ Internships‌

Students can hone their skills with these programs offered by the University. Awareness of the changes coming in the field of global business as well as training students to succeed in their careers. It also plays a key role in improving the quality of education. Through this approach university students are showing their talent in multinational‌ companies.

Borders, languages ​​and cultures between nations are eroding due to globalization. This also greatly increases the opportunities for students. As part of this, the University of Chandigarh has entered into agreements with some of the best universities abroad. Skills are enhanced in students through teacher curricula from other countries.

Chandigarh University3

Chandigarh University

These are the foreign varsities contracted by Chandigarh University.


America ..

* University of North Alabama

* Arkansas State University

* Christian‌ Brothers‌ University

* New York లి Film‌ University


Europe ..

* Bowman Moscow State University of Technology

* Peter the Great St. Seitergsburg Polytechnic University

* Kazan Federal State University

* National University of Science and Technology


UK ..

* Middlesex‌ University

* University of North Umbrella

* University of East London

* Brunel‌ University


Australia ..

* Charles Street University

* Dekin University

* University of Canberra

* University of the Sunshine Coast


Canada ..

* Concordia University

* University of Regina

* University of Ontario Institute of Technology

* Vancouver Film School


New Zealand‌ ..

* Massey University

* Colonel Institute of Business and Technology

* Auckland Institute of Studies

* Theo Omani Institute of Technology


Israel ..

* Tel Aviv University

* University Science‌ Malaysia


Singapore ..

* James Cook University


Taiwan ..

* National Young Young Ming University

* National Central University

Chandigarh University2

Chandigarh University

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