BSSC: Bihar Staff Selection Commission will conduct bumper recruitment of university personnel

BSSC: Bihar Staff Selection Commission will conduct bumper recruitment of university personnel


There will be appointment on third class posts in universities and constituent colleges of Bihar. According to the roster, vacancies were sought from all the universities by the Education Department. Many even sent vacancies. At the same time, there were flaws in the vacancies sent by many, so corrections have been sought in it again. The vacancies are being counted by the department. Soon the process of appointment of third class personnel will be started. On behalf of the Education Department, the responsibility of appointment will be entrusted to the Bihar Staff Selection Commission. Here many registrars told that the vacancies have been sent. The number of personnel has decreased. For the last two decades, there has been no appointment of Class III personnel in universities and constituent colleges. Due to this each employee has to handle three posts. At the same time, in many universities, class IV employees have been promoted by taking departmental examination. Class III posts have been filled. Despite this, there are a large number of vacancies.

Subodh Kumar, president of Patna University Employees Union, said that after the year 2002, no appointment has been made in PU. That too backlog vacancies were removed. Of these, 15 personnel were appointed. Presently 575 personnel are working in 1436 posts. Among them, the number of people with compassion is more. Even less ongoing than outsourcing.

The President of the Patliputra University Non-Teaching Employees Association said that the appointment of 45 personnel created in the university could not be done. The number of posts created for personnel in colleges is 1200. Of these, 750 are employed. On the other hand, most of the personnel in Patliputra University are on deputation. Some personnel came there after getting transferred. Here too there is less going on than outsourced.

AIFUTC’s Zone Secretary Ashok Kumar Singh said that there is a huge shortage of personnel in universities and constituent colleges. Many colleges are left where there are only a few workers. The rest are externals. Personnel have not been appointed in universities for two-three decades. 40 percent seats in universities are lying vacant. This is the condition of all the universities of the state. The work of the fourth class personnel has been completely handed over to the private agency through outsourcing.

Teachers are posted on commissioned posts

Teachers have been posted on commissioned posts in universities. Many posts including registrar, deputy registrar, examination controller, deputy examination controller, librarian, finance officer are being filled with teachers in every university. Earlier these posts were being filled through commission. But now, on behalf of the Raj Bhavan or the Vice-Chancellors, their special teachers are brought and made to sit.

Permanent principals were not appointed in colleges

Principals have not been appointed for a long time through commission in universities. Permanent principals are to be appointed in colleges by the government. But the process has not yet started. At present, the principals are appointed on the basis of seniority and vice-chancellors exercise their prerogatives. Due to non-availability of permanent principals, many types of works are affected. Principals were appointed a decade ago by Magadh University and Patna University. There was a lot of controversy in this.

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