BPSC did not find capable candidates in teacher recruitment, 67 out of 100 posts of language teachers were left vacant in the result.

BPSC did not find capable candidates in teacher recruitment, 67 out of 100 posts of language teachers were left vacant in the result.

The results of teacher recruitment examination have started coming from Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) but due to lack of qualified teachers, a large number of posts have been left vacant. The Commission has also relaxed the rule of filling 75 percent seats. 67 percent posts of language teachers in higher secondary schools could not be filled in this recruitment. There were 9979 vacancies in six languages ​​including Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu on which only 3300 candidates were declared successful. 6679 posts of language teachers remained vacant which will now be filled in the next phase of teacher recruitment.

On Tuesday evening, BPSC first released the list of only 525 successful candidates for recruitment on a total of 3221 vacant posts of Hindi subject teachers in classes 11 and 12 i.e. higher secondary schools. Only 17 percent candidates were successful while 83 percent candidates failed. 2696 posts remained vacant. Since then, till the time of writing the news, the results of total 13 subjects including English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Bengali have been declared one by one and the trend of most of the subjects is the same.

BPSC TRE: Commission released the result on minimum cutoff, remaining seats will be added in the next vacancies.

To ensure that the quality of education in schools does not have to be compromised, BPSC has relaxed the rule of selecting 75 percent candidates and has laid emphasis on selecting only qualified teachers. Due to this, two-thirds of the posts appear to be left vacant in the results released so far. The result of English teacher was slightly better in which 2323 candidates were considered eligible for reinstatement on 3535 vacant posts. 66 percent of English teacher posts seem to be filled while only 34 percent are left vacant. In Sanskrit, 258 got success on 1289 vacant posts. In percentage terms, only 20 out of 100 people could pass, the rest failed.

BPSC TRE 2023: Result released for these 6 subjects including Urdu, English of class 11th-12th, see direct link

The condition of Urdu teachers is even worse. Only 145 candidates could succeed on 1749 vacant posts. Only 8 percent could pass, the remaining 92 percent were left. There was 30 percent result in Maithili teacher for which 48 candidates were declared successful on 158 vacant posts. Only 1 candidate was successful on 27 posts of Bengali teacher. In percentage terms, about 4 percent. BPSC has released the result for most of the subjects on minimum cutoff marks. The cut off has been kept at 40 percent for unreserved i.e. general category, 36.5 percent for backward class, 35 percent for extremely backward class, 32 percent for Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and disabled women.

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