BPSC: Bihar CM Nitish announced, BPSC will do 46000 recruitments this year, expressed concern over 2 things

BPSC: Bihar CM Nitish announced, BPSC will do 46000 recruitments this year, expressed concern over 2 things


Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) will recruit 45,892 posts this year. Action is going on. He told the officials that we have asked to provide jobs to ten lakh youth and employment to ten lakh people in the state, work fast for this. Make sure that there is no malpractice in the exam. Whatever help is needed from the government for these works, it will be given. The Chief Minister was addressing the 75th anniversary program of BPSC at the convention building on Saturday.

He said that BPSC has such an important responsibility and why are the posts of three members out of six vacant? He directed that these posts should be filled within five days. Also, he announced that the scope of the BPSC will increase, and it will be given the responsibility of appointing more posts. If you have to increase the number of members for this, then increase it. Fill in its blanks. Instructed his Principal Secretary and Chief Secretary that after this inauguration program, you should stay here and discuss with everyone about making BPSC more efficient. The Chief Minister said that for the last 18 years, 24 thousand 301 appointments have been made on various posts. The work of appointment of 40 thousand 506 headmasters should also be done fast.

CM’s concern on these 2 things
1. Why those who get good marks in written face less in interview?

The Chief Minister said that the commission should also look into how the students who do well in the main written examination get less marks in the interview. The Chief Minister said that since we got the opportunity to work here, the responsibility of BPSC has been given to experienced and retired IAS officers. I am very happy that there is no disturbance of any kind in the Commission. Once the matter of paper leak came to the fore, the examination was canceled and re-examination was conducted soon. Said that the chairman of Karnataka and Assam Public Service Commission has also come here, it is a matter of great pleasure.

2. Nitish Kumar said, ‘The work of Bihar University Service Commission is getting loose. Review it and see why is this happening? If needed, hand over its work to BPSC only.

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Strict action will be taken against those who mess up

After the program of BPSAC, on the question of journalists regarding the incident of Sasaram and Biharsharif, the Chief Minister said that someone or the other must have messed up in this. Somebody is doing this kind of work intentionally. Strict action will be taken against such people. We have asked the officials to find out who messed up? Get proper information about everyone. As soon as it was known about it, it was controlled immediately. Earlier such incidents did not happen. I am deeply pained by such incidents. As soon as it came to know, every single thing was alerted. On the question related to the cancellation of the program organized by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Sasaram, the Chief Minister said that he does not know. On the question being raised by the BJP on law and order in Bihar, the Chief Minister said that when any central minister comes, he is given security. All the responsibilities of the state government are fulfilled. We take care of everyone, whether those people take care or not. There is no problem of law and order.

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