Amazon layoffs: ‘Job layoffs will continue into next year… How many are yet to be decided’

E-commerce giant Amazon has already announced that it will lay off 10,000 employees this year. The company’s CEO Andy Jassy revealed on Thursday (November 17) that the employee cuts that have started at Amazon will not stop here, and that the layoffs will continue into the next year. He said this in a note sent to the employees of his company on Wednesday. I have been in this post for a year and a half. He said in this note that this is the most difficult decision taken by the company so far. In the last few months, Amazon has decided to cut costs in various departments. Reviews are also conducted to identify areas where there is scope for greater savings. As a part of this, it has been revealed that it has been decided to lay off employees in some departments. Jassi said that these tough decisions are being taken due to the economic conditions and the rapid recruitment process undertaken by the company in the last few years.

In this order, Amazon has announced that it is laying off approximately 260 corporate workers in various divisions in California. Jesse said the company has not yet decided how many employees will be laid off in the corporate workforce this week. Jesse said that depending on the results of the review, there will be redundancies, which are likely to continue into next year, and only those jobs that will benefit the future of the company. Meanwhile, Facebook parent Meta announced last week that it was laying off 11,000 employees. It is known that Twitter has also recently revealed that their company’s workforce is being reduced by half.

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