Air India: Strict rules for Air India staff.. List is bigger for women than men

After taking over Air India, the Tata firm has come up with new guidelines for its cabin crew attendants. It has recently issued some guidelines regarding the dress code of the cabin crew. Air India has launched a transformation plan. In this context, new grooming rules have been formulated for the cabin crew. A comprehensive list was issued a month ago. It has informed some important changes in the personal grooming standards of the cabin crew.

New Rules for Male Cabin Crew:

* Use of hair gel is mandatory.
* People with bald head or hair loss must remove the hair completely. It means to take the team and attend the duties with heart.
*Gents cabin crew who want to avoid baldness must shave their heads clean every day.
* Crew cut is not allowed under any circumstances. If you come to duty with a crew cut like this, you will not be allowed into the cabin.

Air India has also released new guidelines for women crew members. The list of new rules designed for women staff is longer than for men.

*Women staff should not wear pearl ear rings. Gold or diamond round earrings can be worn. There should be no design in it.

*It is optional to have bindi along with saree. Bindi size should not be more than 0.5 cm.

*Women staff are allowed to wear only one bangle on their arm. This bangle should not have any design stones.

* Rings larger than 1 cm are not allowed on fingers. Only one ring is allowed to be worn on one hand.

*High or very low bun hairstyles are not permitted for female staff. Moreover, only four bobby pins should be used for this bun.

*Dress code in Air India’s new rules, everything is given in detail.

*Eyeshades, lipstick, nail polish, hair shades should strictly follow the rules of the card.

*Sari or Indo-western dress or any kind of sandals must be worn during duty. The color of the sandals should match the color of the skin.

These rules should also be followed:

Both male and female staff should dye their hair regularly if the hair is turning white. Air India rules state that no fashion color or gourd should be used to dye the hair. Moreover wearing black or religious thread around the arm, neck or ankle is also prohibited. It has been revealed that the personnel do not need to wear the uniform or its accessories after the duty is over.

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