Agnipath scheme Agniveer: Asalenti this agnipath scheme? Who benefits from the Agneepath scheme? Full details are for you.

Agnipath scheme Agniveer: The Central Government will provide a golden opportunity under the Agneepath scheme for temporary recruitment of youth dreaming of joining the Indian Army. It recruits 46,000 young people between the ages of 17.5 and 23 a year under the Agneepath. The youth are given a job in the Indian Army for four years and are paid between Rs 30,000 and Rs 40,000 per month. After four years, 25 per cent will remain in the Indian Army and the rest will receive a service fund package.

The firefighters who joined the Agnipath were given Rs. The central government provides life insurance of Rs 48 lakh. An ex-gratia of Rs 44 lakh will be paid in case of death in the line of duty. Also, if the physical disability is 100 per cent while in the army, Rs. 44 lakhs and 75 per cent Rs. 25 lakhs and 50 per cent Rs. Compensation of Rs 15 lakh will be paid. The corpus fund contributes a portion of their salary to firefighters who have no problems. After four years, the corpus fund is worth Rs. The Center will provide another Rs 5 lakh. 5 lakhs plus a total of Rs. Pays 11.71 lakhs.

The main objective of the scheme is to strengthen the sense of nationalism among the youth, to transform the Indian Army into a youth army and to fulfill the aspiration of the youth to join the army and serve the country. However, officials say the Agnipath emerged as part of a long-running debate on how to upgrade the Indian Army to keep pace with the changing times. Unemployment in India rose to 25 per cent during the Kovid period. The central government has said it will create 10 lakh jobs in various ministries in the next one and a half years at a time when job insecurity has become a major problem in the country.

The Center has decided to increase the age limit from 21 years to 23 years in the event of a nationwide violent incident on one side of the Agnipath. Has already issued orders. Indian Army chief General Manoj Pandey said the government orders had not reached them. He said an announcement would be made soon for the selection of firefighters as part of the Agneepath scheme. Young people are urged to seize the opportunity to join the army as firefighters.

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