Agnipath Recruitment 2022: Good news for candidates who want to join the Army .. Here are the details of the Agnipath Notification ..

Agniveer’s first notification will be released on June 24. A press conference of the three Army Commanders on the Agnipath Scheme 2022 said that recruitment would take place in three divisions of the Army. Lieutenant General Banshi Punappa told a news conference that the resumption of Agniveers in the Air Force would begin on June 24. The notification will be issued in the Navy on June 25. Meanwhile, a notification will be issued on July 1 for the recruitment of firefighters to the Army. On the occasion, the Ministry of Defense also said that all recruitment in the Army would be under Agniveer. Let us know the complete details about the recruitment process of firefighters under Agneepath scheme

  1. Despite the opposition, the government will issue a notification for recruitment under the Agneepath scheme within two days.
  2. The recruitment process will start from June 24. Chief of Army Staff Manoj Pandey and Chief of Air Staff VR Chowdhury disclosed this information.
  3. Notification for Agniveers Recruitment will be issued at The first phase test will be held on July 24
  4. The first batch will be recruited into the Air Force by December. Firefighters’ training will begin on December 30.
  5. The announcement will come on June 25 for Agniveers in the Navy.
  6. The recruitment process for firefighters in the Navy begins in a matter of days.
  7. According to the Navy .. Agniveer of the first batch will start reporting from November 21.
  8. The notification for the recruitment of Agniveer in the Indian Army will be issued on July 1.
  9. For firefighter recruitment for the Army, the rally will begin in the first half of August, lasting until August, September, October, and November.
  10. The first batch of firefighters will arrive in the Army in the first or second week of December.


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