Varsha Patel Murder case: Strangled the woman, then filled the sack and threw it in the pond, accused ASI arrested

The police has disclosed the case of the dead body of a woman found locked in a sack on the morning of November 18 near the pond of the wire company under Telco police station. Police had identified the body as Varsha Patel, a resident of South Park in Bistupur. Varsha Patel was murdered by Dharmendra Kumar Singh, ASI posted in Sakchi police station. Police has arrested him from Sahapur in Bhojpur district of Bihar. The accused has confessed his crime.

City SP Subhash Chandra Jat said that a team was formed to investigate the murder of Varsha Patel. Investigation revealed that this woman had last spoken on November 12 with Dharmendra Kumar Singh, ASI posted at Sakchi police station. On the same basis, the police arrested Dharmendra Kumar Singh. During interrogation, he confessed to his crime.

After the murder, the body was kept in a sack and then sewed and thrown into the pond.
In relation to the incident, the City SP said that ASI Dharmendra Kumar Singh had gone to Varsha Patel’s house in Bishtupur on the day of the incident. From there he took him to his home in Telco Quarter. Here he started quarreling with Varsha Patel over some issue. Then Dharmendra assaulted Varsha. Meanwhile, Varsha hit her head on the wall and then strangled her to death. After the murder, the body was stuffed in a sack. After this the sewing of the sack was also done. The dead body was thrown into the pond of the wire company, while its belongings were thrown into the Swarnrekha river. Along with this, his mobile was thrown in a bush in Bistupur itself.

‘The accused told that Varsha used to blackmail about money’
Giving information, the SP said that during interrogation, the accused Dharmendra told the police that Varsha Patel always blackmailed him for money. He was very upset by this. To get rid of this, he killed Varsha Patel. The SP said that the mobile phone of the deceased Varsha Patel, a bag-like bag used to hide the dead body, a passion motorcycle used to carry the dead body, along with a mobile phone have also been recovered.

The private jeep driver of the police station had made Dharmendra befriend Varsha Patel
According to the information received, Varsha Patel, a resident of Bistupur police station area, was living separately from her husband and used to work as a beautician. During this, she met Jimmy, the jeep driver of the police station, and then the two became friends and this friendship turned into love. Later Jimmy got married. But still Jimmy kept coming and going near Varsha. During this, Jimmy befriended ASI Dharmendra Kumar Singh, posted in Bistupur police station. At present, rain started being seen with Dharmendra posted in Sakchi police station. But in recent times, there was talk of frequent quarrels between the two.


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