IND Vs NZ T20: High Court dismisses the petition, India-New Zealand match will be held at JSCA Stadium with full capacity of spectators

The order has come late in the evening on a PIL filed in the Jharkhand High Court to open 100 percent seats for spectators in the T20 match at Ranchi’s JSCA International Stadium on November 19. The court, refusing to play with the sentiments of the spectators at the last minute, allowed the matches to be held in the stadium with the full capacity of the spectators.

Advocate General Rajiv Kumar said that the hearing was held in the court of Chief Justice Dr Ravi Ranjan and Sujit Narayan Prasad. During this, it was told by the state government that permission was given to conduct T-match with full capacity in Jaipur yesterday, while the situation of corona infection in Jharkhand is under control. Chief Minister Hemant Soren, chairman of the Jharkhand State Disaster Management Authority, after deliberating on all aspects, has allowed the entry of spectators in the stadium at full capacity. During this, it was told by JSCA that out of 38 thousand, 23 thousand tickets were sold.

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Opposed to 100 percent seat opening during the match

Earlier, advocate Dheeraj Kumar had opposed the opening of 100 percent seats during the match by filing a public interest litigation in the High Court. Advocate Ritu Kumar on his behalf told the court that when the temples of the state, including all the courts, are working with 50 percent employees in other offices regarding the corona infection, then relaxing which rule the state government has given the stadium 100 percent. Seats have been provided to the people to watch the match.

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Petition was filed for getting matches with half strength of spectators
Dheeraj Kumar has said through the petition that the corona is not over yet, so the spectators should be matched with half strength, while the government has given permission to hold matches with full strength. He has filed a public interest litigation saying that in this transition period of Kovid-19, the schools of children are still closed in the state, they are not being opened due to fear. Despite this, under what circumstances the Jharkhand government is allowing spectators to watch the match on 100% seats.

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Amit Das appeared in court on behalf of JSCA
He argued that parents can go with their children to watch cricket matches but children cannot go to school to study. In such a situation, he has demanded from the High Court that the match should be postponed or permission should be given to watch the match only at half stand. But now after the order of the High Court, all the dilemma regarding the match is over. Amit Das represented the court on behalf of JSCA.

IND Vs NZ T20: High Court dismisses the petition, India-New Zealand match will be held at JSCA Stadium with full capacity of spectators


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