Gumla News: Farmers of Gumla are becoming entrepreneurs through Didi Bagiya scheme, making money by preparing nursery of plants

Ranchi: The Didi Bagiya scheme being run in Jharkhand has started moving from plant to tree. Progressive farmer Michael Ekka does farming himself and inspires other farmers to do farming. Michael, a resident of Silam village in Raidih, Gumla, is on the path of making his family aware of the farmers of his area, along with hard work and the cooperation of the state government, to take his family to a new dimension of development.

This is how Didi Bagiya’s implementation is happeningIn 2021, in view of the demand of saplings in MNREGA schemes and inadequacy of quality saplings in the state, the Didi Bagiya scheme has been launched under MNREGA on the ground. Through this, the government is helping the farmers of the state to grow as an entrepreneur. The farmers trained under the scheme got the opportunity to prepare the saplings and the government ensured the purchase of the saplings under the MNREGA scheme. Farmers started preparing trees of Timber Plants, Sheesham, Gamhar, Teak and Mango fruitful plants of Amrapali, Malda, Mallika and other species and made them available to the government.

‘Michael’s hard work paid off’
Michael Ekka along with other farmers of the state were trained in horticulture and plant preparation. So that he can get training and make a source of income for himself. Michael Ekka grew 8000 saplings of Sheesham, Gamhar, Teak and Mango in his nursery through Didi Nursery Scheme in the year 2021-22. These plants were purchased by the government under the Mango Horticulture Scheme of NREGA. Due to this Michael earned an income of 25 thousand rupees. Michael Ekka got additional means of livelihood through Didi Bagiya Yojana, which is helping him in meeting the needs of the house.

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