World Dairy Summit: World Dairy Summit will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister from tomorrow, experts from 50 countries will be present.

World Dairy Summit : The World Dairy Business Summit 2022 (World Dairy Summit 2022) will be held. The summit will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. For four days from September 12 to 15, the World Milk Business  Summit to be held. It is going to be a gathering of dairy stakeholders from across the world and in India. It will be attended by entrepreneurs, expert farmers and policy makers.

About 1 thousand 500 people from 50 countries will participate in the conference

Dairy for nutrition and livelihood is the theme of this conference. is the concept. About 1,500 people from 50 countries are expected to participate in this summit. The last such summit was held in India nearly fifty years ago in 1974. This is the first such World Dairy Summit since then. Expert farmers, entrepreneurs will also participate in this.

More than 44 percent increase in milk production in the last eight years 

Indian dairy industry is the small and marginal milk producing farmers, Based on a cooperative model that specifically empowers women. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has taken many measures to improve the dairy sector. As a result, the government has informed that milk production has increased by more than 44 percent in the last eight years. India accounts for about 23 percent of global milk production. About 210 million tons of milk is produced every year. The success story of the Indian milk industry empowering more than 8 crore milk  producing farmers will be presented to all at the  Global Dairy  Summit 2022. It is also informed that this  Summit will help Indian milk farmers to learn the best practices of the world. Also there will be a discussion regarding new technology in dairy business. Dairy for Nutrition and Livelihood is the theme of the Dairy Summit. 

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