Will there be any pressure on India to accept the arrest warrant against Putin?

Will there be any pressure on India to accept the arrest warrant against Putin?

Arrest Warrant Issued Against Putin: The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes in Ukraine. Russia has rejected this warrant outright. But will Putin’s possible visit in the next few months put pressure on India to implement it? The answer is no. Because India may have been one of the countries involved in the establishment process of ICC, but India is not a party to the Rome Statute binding on its rules. 

President Putin is to visit India in the next few months to attend events like the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit and the G20 summit. No announcement has been made regarding his itinerary at the moment, but there are indications that Putin will definitely be in India for at least one event. In such a situation, it will be natural for India as the host to maintain its old relations and events amidst the pressure of Western countries on Russia regarding the Ukraine war. 

Action on warrant is not necessary 
However, experts believe that despite these pressures on India’s G20 hosting, the arrest warrant issued by the ICC in Hague, Netherlands does not have any special significance for it. . There will be no pressure on it to execute this warrant because India itself is not a part of the Rome Statute establishing the ICC system. At the same time, India did not participate in the voting on the Rome Statute in June-July 1998, objecting to the non-inclusion of war and the use of nuclear weapons. In such a situation, action on any such warrant of ICC on India is neither binding nor necessary. 

Not only this, in the process of ICC, India is not ready to make the United Nations Security Council as the highest implementing body. In the past, despite being a temporary member of the Security Council, India did not take part in the voting on the resolutions brought by the permanent member western countries including America, Britain on the issue of Ukraine against Russia. Anyway, out of the five permanent members of the Security Council like America, Russia, China  , three countries are not part of Rome Statute of ICC.  

39 countries had  supported
39 countries including Britain, France, Netherlands support the proposal to start an investigation against President Putin for the Ukraine war in the International Criminal Court met. Only after this, ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Asad Ahmed Khan started the investigation and got an arrest warrant issued from the court. British barrister of Pakistani origin Karim Asad Ahmed Khan became the ICC Prosecutor in June 2021. There was also a lot of lobbying during his selection and he did not get a large majority for the post. After the issuance of the warrant, countries accepting the jurisdiction of the ICC and members of the Rome Statute would be expected to accept Putin if they had If they come, arrest them and present them before the court. However, in the current situation, the possibility of President Putin visiting any western country or a country that is a signatory to this treaty is negligible. 

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Marija Zharkova has already rejected the warrant and made it clear that Russia is not a part of the Rome Statute. In such a situation, there is no obligation on him to execute any such warrant. In such a situation, action on ICC’s warrant cannot be taken in Russia or in any other country, because in the last one year, President Putin has made foreign trips only to very limited countries.

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