Will the pilot be able to land the Congress plane in Rajasthan? These will be major challenges ahead of the elections…

Chandigarh: The agitation for the Congress National President is gathering pace and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is all set to contest for the post of President. They have also filled the form for this. Now if Ashok Gehlot becomes the president of Congress then the biggest question is who will be the next Chief Minister of Rajasthan after he leaves the chair? Currently, two names are leading the race. One name is that of Deputy CM Sachin Pilot and the other is that of Assembly Speaker Dr. CP Joshi.

According to sources, the Congress High Command is in favor of making Sachin Pilot the Chief Minister. In such a situation, if it is assumed that Sachin Pilot is going to become the next Chief Minister of Rajasthan, then it becomes very important to know what are the challenges ahead of the 2023 assembly elections.

Important role of Sachin Pilot in the 2018 elections

In 2018 assembly elections were held in Rajasthan, in which Sachin Pilot played an important role. He was the president of the Rajasthan Congress and worked hard to bring the party back to power. The result of this was that he was also given the chair of Deputy CM. However, he was not happy with the position of Deputy CM and his displeasure was clearly visible. The manipulation of Sachin Pilot was clearly visible. Sachin Pilot, angry at not being made Chief Minister, reached Haryana with his MLAs and created difficulties for Ashok Gehlot. This commotion continued for several days. After this, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi met Sachin Payalya and finally an agreement was reached. Sachin then joined Congress and supported Ashok Gehlot in the floor test.

2 years have passed now. There hasn’t been a major political battle between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot in these two years, but it’s not like all is well either. If Sachin Pilot becomes the Chief Minister, he will have to face internal conflict in the Congress. It is possible that Ashok Gehlot’s faction may be upset with Sachin Pilot becoming the Chief Minister. In such a situation, to run a stable government, they will have to build better relations with everyone.


The graph of crime in Rajasthan is going up rapidly and the opposition is constantly raising this issue. She is seen taking to the streets. Bharatiya Janata Party is holding protest march against the Congress government and targeting the government for hooliganism. Sachin Pilot will also need a new strategy to deal with this.


The riots in Crowley, Alwar, Jodhpur and Bhilwara will be very important issues during the next elections. Along with this, the name of Rajasthan in crimes against women is also infamous in the whole country. In the latest report of NCRB, it has been revealed that once again Rajasthan has come to the first place in the country in the case of rape. In the year 2021, so many cases of rape have been registered in Rajasthan, which are not even registered in two big states together. Crimes against women increased by 15.3 percent in 2021 compared to 2022. Every day 17 women are victims of rape.

Gehlot’s absence will get a free hand

There are many challenges in front of Sachin Pilot. All issues like internal strife in Congress, crime in Rajasthan, attacks by the opposition and communal polarization will stand as a mountain in front of the pilot. Along with this, the good thing for him will be that he will get a free hand in Gehlot’s absence. In such a case, they will be able to implement their policies on their own without anyone’s permission. If he gets any challenge with the Chief Minister’s chair, he will also get a free hand to fight the challenges.

Congress will gain stature if it wins

Next year i.e. 2023, the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha elections are to be held in the month of December. Sachin Pilot will have a year to prove himself. He will have to work hard in this one year. If they show big stones for the betterment of Rajasthan in one year, they will be Vidhan Sabha Elections. In such a situation, if the Congress wins the election, then full credit will also go to the pilot. It is clear that after this his stature in Congress will definitely increase.

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