Will Captain form alliance with BJP after return of Farm Laws? Know what said

Punjab Elections : Purab All three have announced the withdrawal of the Agriculture Act. Apologizing to the farmers, PM Modi said that he could not explain the benefits of this law to the farmers. Many opponents of his decision Many also welcomed him. Meanwhile, former Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh also welcomed the decision of the BJP."font-size: medium;"> Ch About to go Attitude Explained.


Addressing the nation. https://t.co/daWYidw609

& mdash; Narendra Modi (arenarendramodi) November 19, 2021


, I will not rest.


I had been saying for three months. I had said that the farmers’ issue comes first, only then would we have seat adjustment with you: Former Punjab CM & amp; ex-Congress leader Captain Amarinder Singh when asked what would be his next step, if his party would go with BJP pic.twitter.com/AduYwPGaKF

& mdash; ANI (@ANI) November 19, 2021


, ? , Then I will talk to them about the seat. Mr. Amarinder Singh also said that every sector has its own agriculture. APMC Were implemented. Other States And it has no effect. Punjab has done this And gave more feedback because with this province Was to be more affected. So he withdrew the law.

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, Which is why we explained to some farmer brothers No Could. PM Modi told the farmers to go back to their homes. Own fields . Return to your family. Let’s make a fresh start. Let’s move on from the beginning.


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