Why Lawyers Wear Black Coat: The black coat is not worn just like that…!

Lawyers Black Coat: You must have seen that lawyers wear black coats to argue. He wears a black coat not only in debates but also in his offices. Why do lawyers wear this color and when did this trend start? Through this article we will tell you about-

This is the reason for wearing black coat

There are many reasons why lawyers wear black coat. Apart from this, it is also associated with historical events. It is said that after Queen Mary died of smallpox in 1694 AD, King Williamson ordered that all judges and lawyers wear black gowns to mourn the Queen’s death. However, the proposal for black dress for lawyers was put forward only in 1637. The reason for which was to show them different from the common people.

According to another reference, even after the death of King Charles II of England, lawyers and judges were ordered to wear black clothes. The argument behind wearing a black coat is that it does not get dirty as quickly. Since they have to adhere to a dress code, a color was chosen that could be worn daily to the court.

Trends of wearing black coats in India /p>

Although judges and lawyers wore black gowns and suits during British rule, this system was made compulsory in independent India in 1965. Be it school life, office or court, everywhere there is a special reason for dress, there is discipline. A black coat is considered a symbol of discipline and self-confidence. Black coats are worn by lawyers not only in India but all over the world.

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