Who will the Patidar voters in Gujarat vote for? Who do the people think?

 Gujarat Election Opinion Poll 2022 : Gujarat Assembly Election can be announced at any moment. Before that, CVoter has conducted an opinion poll for ABP News. Accordingly, the BJP is likely to form power in Gujarat for the seventh time in a row since 1995. BJP is likely to win between 135 and 143 constituencies. Which are higher than in 2017. In 2017, BJP won 99 seats in Gujarat. According to opinion polls, BJP is going to break its own records and establish power again.  

The survey was conducted by C Voter in the assembly constituencies of Gujarat. The survey margin and error ranged from plus minus 3 to plus minus 5 percent. During this survey, 34511 people answered for 182 seats in Gujarat.  According to the opinion poll, BJP will get 47 percent votes. While Congress will get  32 percent and  Aam Aadmi Party 17 percent. 

According to the survey 
Prime Minister Modi’s wave is still in Gujarat. But who will Patidar voters in Gujarat lean towards? In this, the public has given a surprising answer. Patidar voters seem to be leaning towards BJP. 

Leua Patel voters on whose side?

Kadwa Patel Voter Whose Side?
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Political parties in both the states are already preparing for the elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. This is the last election in 2022 and this election is also said to be the final of 2024 assembly elections. Therefore, all the political parties are gearing up for these elections and all the teams have started preparing. From Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Party President JP Nadda, Home Minister Amit Shah, many leaders have entered the fray to create an atmosphere in favor of the BJP. So, will the BJP retain power in both the states or will the Congress gain power by defeating the BJP? It will be interesting to see. 

In addition to Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh will also hold assembly elections this year. For ABP News, C-Voter has conducted a survey for all assembly constituencies in both the states. In the opinion poll, 65 thousand 621 people from both the states were polled. 

The criteria revealed in the survey are purely based on the responses received from the public, so neither ABP News nor ABP makes any claim on this. 

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