Who Is Amritpal Singh: Who is Amritpal Singh? For whose search the Punjab Police conducted a big operation for two days.

Who Is Amritpal Singh: Who is Amritpal Singh?  For whose search the Punjab Police conducted a big operation for two days.

Amritpal Singh News: Khalistan supporter and Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh was taken into custody by the Punjab Police on Sunday (March 19). The police started action against Amritpal Singh and his supporters on Saturday i.e. March 18. Let us know who Amritpal Singh is. 

Waris Punjab De chief Amritpal Singh was born in the year 1993 in village Jallupur Kheda, district Amritsar. He is the son of Tarsem Singh. Amritpal went to Dubai from Punjab to work in 2012 at the age of 19. He remained in Dubai for 10 years i.e. till 2022. During this time there was neither hair on his head nor beard on his face. 

Come to India from Dubai in 2022
Amritpal Singh’s uncle had a transport business in Dubai. Amritpal came to the Delhi border with Deep Sidhu during the farmer’s movement, he came to India from Dubai in August 2022. He did dastarbandi in September 2022 by keeping his hair again and did a big program of dastarbandi in Rode village of Moga and became the head of Deep Sidhu’s organization Waris Punjab De. Not only this, Amritpal started a religious journey in Punjab. He started spreading nectar to the youth and started connecting rural youth in the name of Khalistan.

Background of the arrest
Amritpal Singh had a fight with Varinder Singh on 15 February 2023 over a Facebook post. On 16 February 2023, an FIR was registered in Ajnala. Amritpal and his associates were accused of abducting Varinder Singh and torturing him. On February 16, Amritpal gave an ultimatum to surround Ajnala police station.

On February 17, police arrested Amritpal’s accomplice Lovepreet alias Toofan. Due to non-availability of people to surround the police station, the siege demonstration of March 18 was postponed. After this, Amritpal reached Deep Sidhu’s Varsi program in Moga on February 19 and advocated Khalistan from the stage. Abused the country’s Prime Minister and the Home Minister and gave a call to lay siege to the Ajnala police station on February 23 in the assault case.

What happened in Ajnala
On the afternoon of 23 February, Amritpal reached outside Ajnala police station with a crowd. The crowd that accompanied Amritpal went near the police barricade, became furious and after a confrontation with the police, the crowd captured the police station. In this, 6 policemen including an SP rank officer were seriously injured. In fact, the police did not act strictly because Amritpal had the palanquin of Sri Guru Granth Sahib with him. Amritpal and his supporters stayed in the police station for five hours. The police promised to release Amritpal’s accomplice Lovepreet Toofan in 24 hours, then late in the evening Amritpal and the mob vacated the police station.

On February 24, the police released Lovepreet Toofan from Amritsar Jail, Amritpal along with Lovepreet took out a row procession to the Golden Temple.

4 cases have been registered against Amritpal Singh so far
4 cases have been registered against Amritpal Singh, in which Varinder Singh was abducted and assaulted in Ajnala, in Amritsar on February 15 Hate speech against Prime Minister, Home Minister and CM, allegations of hate speech against Prime Minister and Home Minister in Moga on February 19, violence in Ajnala and case of injuring policemen for occupying police station.

Amritpal Singh’s clout can be gauged from the fact that the Punjab Police did not allow these cases registered against Amritpal to become public till date after the Ajnala violence, because Amritpal had openly challenged the DGP on February 23 that if now If someone registers a case again, he will come again to protest and the police will be responsible for its consequences. The police are waiting to suppress these cases and tighten their grip on Amritpal.

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