“Wherever the AAP government comes to power, there will be raw employees”.

Arvind Kejriwal: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal (Arvind Kejriwal) in Punjab Aam Aadmi Party singing the praises of the government said that while on the one hand other governments in the whole country  The government is recruiting raw employees to eliminate the jobs. But the Punjab Government is engaged in securing raw employees.

AAP convener said, Punjab’s Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann (Bhagwant Mann) made a big announcement on September 5 on the occasion of Education Day. He had announced the appointment of 8796 raw teachers. This announcement is not only for Punjab but for the entire country. This is happening for the first time in the country.

The Chief Minister said, there is a trend in the whole country to eliminate government jobs, not to recruit government posts and recruit raw employees in their place. And their entire lives are spent as raw workers. For the first time a government in the country (Bhagwant Mann) has confirmed 8736 teachers. There are more raw employees in Punjab and the government is working to secure them.

Kejriwal said, it is taking a little time so that if someone challenges him in the court tomorrow, then the matter will be settled, otherwise if it is done to meet the needs of the family, then the matter will go to the court tomorrow and if the government loses If you go, the employees will be cheated.

He alleged that the governments of different states and the central government are eliminating government jobs one by one in the entire country. When the economy of India is growing, the economy of every state is growing, then government jobs should also increase, how can they be less, but it is going on to eliminate government jobs and hire raw employees.

People’s perception of permanent employees is wrong

The AAP leader said, there is a perception that permanent employees do not work, it is completely wrong. In Delhi we have shown that the education revolution has come because of those permanent and guest teachers. About 60,000 teachers are working in Delhi. Before this, teachers were maligned in Delhi that government schools do not teach, while teachers come, women knit sweaters while sitting under trees. Those teachers have brought the education revolution. So it is wrong to say that permanent employees do not work.


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