When the MP was stopped by the police, the gentleman said, he does not dance with his feet on his chest, see the video.

Laxmikant Bajpai: Former Uttar Pradesh president of BJP and Rajya Sabha member Laxmikant Bajpai (Laxmikant Bajpai) goes around the city on a scooter instead of a car. Meanwhile, in Meerut, Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha (manoj sinha) reached the circuit house of Meerut, MP Laxmikant also came to meet him on a scooter, but when the policemen present at the gate of the circuit house did not recognize him at the gate. Stopped.

Although Laxmikant also identified himself during this time, the police refused to identify him and stopped him from entering. Meanwhile, they had an argument with each other. Meanwhile, when the BJP (BJP) leaders sitting in the circuit house saw this, they came out and celebrated Laxmikant and took her inside.

Meanwhile, the video of this entire matter went viral on social media. is happening In which they are clearly showing Rohab on the policemen. He said that this is Meerut, Ravana’s in-laws, elders came and went. I am used to playing Kabaddi, no one transfers, I dance with my feet on my chest by staying here.

MP Laxmikant Vajpayee got angry with the policemen, rode on a scooter and went out on the road when the policemen did not recognize the MP ji @LKBajpaiBJP pic.twitter.com/3jS61exP5b

— VIVEK YADAV (@vivek4news) September 12, 2022

The video of this entire matter is being frozen and going viral, although during this BJP leaders took him inside after persuading him, but even during this time, they could see the behavior of the MP. was meeting in which the policemen were openly threatened.

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