What is PFI SDPI: PFI, new avatar of banned SIM? Know what this organization is

What is PFI SDPI: On the radar of central investigative agencies after the violent protests against the CAA Action done. PFI has not been banned yet. Along with PFI, action has been taken against the workers of SDPI, a political party. What about an organization that has suddenly come to the center of the country’s politics? Let’s find out…

What about PFI?

PFI was established in 2006. At the time of its establishment, the National Development Front was merged. Manitha Neethi Pasarai, Karnataka Forum for Dignity and other organizations were merged with NDF. These organizations are said to be Muslim fundamentalist organizations. After the Babri Masjid was demolished in 1992, the National Democratic Front was formed in Kerala in 1993. 

However, according to a 2012 report by the Kerala government, PFI is a revamped version of the banned SIMI.  

The PFI organization has been mired in controversy since its inception. This organization has good work in Kerala and Karnataka. Apart from that, the organization has a network in some places in Tamil Nadu as well. Kerala has a fairly good PFI network. As per NIA claims, PFIs are functioning in 23 states. Efforts are being made to expand the organization by campaigning aggressively. Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) is a political party which is the political front of PFI.

Some political parties fear that banning PFI will increase sympathy among the Muslim community. So PFI has not been banned yet. However, since the involvement of PFI in the incidents of violence in the country in the past few years, a thorough investigation is underway by the central investigation agencies."text-align: justify;">Love Jihad and Simi Connection 

PFI’s name came up in the famous love jihad case in Kerala. In Kerala, Akhila Asokan was said to have been forcibly converted after an interfaith marriage. A few similar cases had come to light in Kerala. At that time NIA took over the investigation from Kerala Police. At that time, he suspected the involvement of PFI in some cases. Out of 94 interfaith marriages, 23 were initiated by PFI. So the suspicion on them increased. 

SIM Connection 

SIMI was banned for its involvement in terrorist activities. After that there was a talk that Simi continued to work through other organizations. A connection between PFI and SIMI is consistently claimed. At the time of formation of PFI, some of the merged organizations were said to belong to this SIMI. It was also claimed that some PFI office bearers were SIMI office bearers, active workers. PFI National President Abdul Rehman was earlier SIMI National Secretary. SIMI was banned in 2001.

What is SIMI?

The organization ‘Students Islamic Movement of India’ has been banned for its involvement in terrorist activities. In 2018, the period of ban on this organization was over. However, the ban was extended again for another five years. This organization was established in 1977 in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. SIMI was known as the student body of Jamaat-e-Islamic Hind. The aim of this organization was to create a society based on Islam. SIMI was banned in 2002 after its involvement in terrorist activities in India came to light.

Political assassinations, attacks on professors

In the year 2010 in Idukki Prof. T.J. Joseph was assaulted by PFI workers. Joseph was accused of asking offensive questions about the Prophet in the question paper. 

According to an affidavit filed by the Kerala government in the Kerala High Court in 2012, PFI activists were involved in the killing of Marxist Communist Party and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh workers. So, an attempt was made to kill 86 people. All these murders or attempted murders were claimed to be motivated by this fanatical ideology. 

Training Center 

In the year 2013, PFI started a training center at Narath in Kannur, Kerala. Kannur police took action against this training center. Police seized materials such as swords, bombs, bomb-making materials, human-shaped wooden boards, etc. Apart from that, provocative leaflets were also seized. 

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