Watch: Shameful act of maid, urinates in bucket and wipes it with itself – arrested after video goes viral

Watch: Shameful act of maid, urinates in bucket and wipes it with itself – arrested after video goes viral

Greater Noida: The shameful act of a maid has come to light in Ajnara Homes Society of Greater Noida in UP. A video of which is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It is seen in the video that a domestic maid urinated in the same bucket while mopping the house and then started cleaning the floor. Seeing this heinous and dirty act, the landlord immediately lodged a complaint about the incident at the Bisrakh police station. After which the domestic maid was arrested by the police.

What’s in the viral video?

The video of a maid named Sabina Khatoon is going viral on all social media platforms. It is seen in this video that the maid first comes to the second room and urinates in the cloth before soaking it in the bucket. After this she soaks a cloth in it and goes to another room to wipe it. 

Sabina Khatoon, who works as a maid in the house, urinated in a bucket filled with water and then wiped the whole house. The case pertains to Ajnara Homes Society of Greater Noida. Sabina confesses to urinating in police interrogation

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Truth told in police interrogation

According to station in-charge Bisrakh Anil Rajput, this incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed in the house. The woman has been identified as Sabina Khatoon. She is originally from West Bengal and lives here in Itehara village. After the arrest, the police started questioning Sabina Khatoon. Initially he denied these allegations while trying to escape but, when severely questioned by the police, he confessed to urinating in the bucket of water used for mopping. During the investigation, Sabina Khatoon could not give any proper explanation for her shameful behavior. However, the motive behind his act is not clear.

Police preparing for the case

Based on the evidence of the viral video and the confession of Sabina Khatoon, the police is preparing a case against her. Specific charges on Sabina have not yet been determined. However, the maid, Sabina, is expected to face charges of willful damage to property as well as offenses related to public health and safety. At the same time, the officer says that appropriate legal action has been taken for his heinous act.

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