Watch: Clash between two women to take the dog in the lift, the video of the argument went viral on social media.

Noida: Fighting over dogs has become a common thing in Delhi-NCR. Incidents related to this are constantly coming to the fore. The latest case has come to light in Greater Noida’s ACE ASPIRE housing society. There, two women started arguing with each other to take the dog in the lift. Its video has been going viral on social media since September 8.

Where did the fight take place over taking the dog in the lift

An argument broke out between two women about going to the lift in the Aspire housing society under Bisarakh police station area of ​​Greater Noida. The woman present in the lift stopped the dog and the owner of the dog from entering the lift. There was a fierce debate between the two regarding this matter. Apart from this, the woman stopped the lift for a long time. The woman made a video of this incident and made it viral on social media. In it, the woman can be heard saying that the dog is dirty and without a leash. The woman is saying that she does not know the other woman. She does not know in which flat number she lives.

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What is the woman saying in the video

In the video that went viral on social media, there is a woman inside the lift. She is making a video. In the video, it is seen that a woman is present with a phone outside the lift, who is standing by stopping the lift. A dog is seen sitting behind him. There is another woman in the elevator, but she is not visible. This woman can be clearly heard saying that she does not know this woman, where does this woman live? He has not been seen in this society. Where did this woman with this dog come from? On which flat does the society live? I don’t know, I haven’t seen it in the society before. Saying all this she is making a video. In this viral video, apart from the woman and the dog, a guard is also seen standing. A person is seen standing with something in a cardboard box. A dog is also sitting next to him.

Controversy over dogs in Delhi NCR

This video has gone viral when the last few For days, news of dog attacks in elevators is coming out. Two such incidents have come to light in Ghaziabad and Noida.

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