Videos of 60 female students taking a bath in Mohali went viral, only one girl made the video viral

Punjab University Girls MMS : The video of taking a bath went viral, causing chaos in the university premises. Shockingly, it has come to light that a student of the same university took a video of other students taking a bath and made it viral. Meanwhile, after the video of bathing in this case went viral, there were reports of some young women committing suicide. Explaining this, the police have clarified that no young woman tried to commit suicide.

Video of 60 female students taking bath goes viral

Videos of female students taking a bath in Chandigarh University in Mohali went viral. Shockingly, a student of the same university sent a video of 60 students taking a bath to a friend living in Shimla. After this video went viral, the students created a huge commotion in the university premises. After that, the student who made the video has been detained by the police.

Accused young woman in police custody

The students of the university created a commotion in the university premises due to this matter. After this, the young woman making MMS has been handed over to the police. The police have registered an FIR against the girl. The accused young woman had been making videos of female students taking a bath for several days and was sending them to a young man known to her. This young man posted this video on the internet. Then this video went viral. When the girls saw their videos on the internet, they were shocked. 

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