Vehicles without pollution certificate will not get petrol-diesel in Delhi

Delhi Pollution News: Delhi becomes a serious air pollution problem at the beginning of winter every year. This time the Delhi government has started preparations. Significant and major steps are continuously being taken to control air pollution. In this regard, the Delhi government has taken a step forward and taken a strict decision. Now in Delhi vehicles without pollution certificate Petrol-Diesel will not be available. The Delhi government has implemented a winter action plan to prevent air pollution. Accordingly, if you do not have the pollution test certificate of your vehicle, then you will not be able to fill the fuel. This decision of the Delhi government will be effective from October 25.

The government will start the campaign from October 6

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Roy gave this information in a press conference recently. He said that GRAP and ‘Winter Action Plan’ will be strictly enforced. Along with this, the war room of the Ministry of Environment is going to work from October 3. This war room will work 24 hours. Along with this, the Delhi government will also start an anti-dust campaign from October 6 to prevent pollution, i.e. a campaign against pollution caused by dust. Spraying of biodecomposer solution will be started from October 10. This year it will be sprayed on 1000 hectares i.e. 5000 hectares of rice producing land. Along with this, Gopal Roy also said that vehicles without PUC will not be given fuel anymore. For this, all preparations are being made and from October 25, customers will not get pollution free fuel i.e. pollution under control certificate.

He said that the problem of pollution in Delhi is the problem of air shed, hence the appeal. States of NCR should also prepare their winter action plan. The politics of UP is Lucknow, Jaipur of Rajasthan and Chandigarh of Haryana, the officers all sit here, so they have no idea of ​​its seriousness. He said that currently there is no plan for odd-even. For now we will focus on GRAP. Now GRAP will be implemented based on AQI.

Stronger measures will be taken if necessary

If AQI remains between 200-300, according to GRAP, construction dust , waste management has to be strictly followed. If 300-400 AQI then oven will be banned, diesel sets will have to be shut down. Along with this, the parking fee will also have to be increased. Also if there is 400-500 AQI then the vehicles coming from outside will be banned and the big vehicles of Delhi will be stopped. If it exceeds 450, more stringent steps will be taken.

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