UPSC 2022 Exam Result: ‘Confidence, continuous study, difficult but…’, civil service toppers told success story, you also know

UPSC 2022 Exam Result: ‘Confidence, continuous study, difficult but…’, civil service toppers told success story, you also know

UPSC 2022 Exam Result: UPSC declared the results of 2022 Civil Services Examination on Tuesday (May 23). UPSC said that 933 candidates have passed the Civil Services Examination. Ishita Kishore has secured the first rank in the results of Civil Services Examination 2022. Garima Lohia, Uma Harti N and Smriti Mishra have secured the second, third and fourth positions.

UPSC topper Ishita Kishore after passing the exam said that she had failed in prelims twice. He has topped UPSC in his third attempt. Ishita said, "This is a long journey. It takes a lot of hard work, it’s been a long journey." He gave the credit of his success to his mother. 

Family provided immense support

Ishita Kishore said, "I had only one passion that I should do public work through civil services and the results have worked to fulfill my expectations. My family supported me immensely, even though I didn’t clear the prelims twice they had a lot of faith in me. I will be grateful to him for the way he pushed me forward and made things easy for me."

Second topper Garima Lohia, resident of Buxar

The second topper of UPSC 2022 is Garima Lohia, a resident of Buxar, Bihar. They said, "I studied at home. I used to study from 9 in the night till 9 in the morning because at that time there was no problem, there was a lot of peace." Garima said that she studied in a small town like Buxar and got good education from the school itself. 

Garima Lohia said, "If her base was not so strong, she would not have been able to take a step forward. If you can get opportunities in a small town then definitely study from there."

Uma Harti N secured the third rank

The third rank holder in UPSC 2022 exam is Uma Harati N. Uma has studied B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT-Hyderabad. He has passed the examination with Andrology as his optional subject. 

Smriti Mishra stood fourth

Fourth place Smriti Mishra has studied graduation (BSC) from Miranda House College, University of Delhi. He had Zoology as an optional subject. Smriti told that this was her third attempt and first interview. 

Smriti Mishra told ABP News, "I want women to move forward. It was my dream since childhood to go in this field. I have seen my father working. I used to get satisfaction from his work. I would say don’t count the hours, make your own time table and follow it. Everyone set your priorities."

Mayur Hazarika ranked 5th

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