UP Budget Session: BJP MLA Rajeshwar Singh said, the budget is historic, said this in praise of CM Yogi

Rajeshwar Singh on UP Budget 2023: The budget session of Uttar Pradesh Assembly is going on. In the discussion of the House on Tuesday (February 28), BJP MLA Rajeshwar Singh from Sarojini Nagar praised the Yogi government for the budget. Referring to the nuances of the budget, he gave the budget of the Yogi government 10 out of 10 numbers on the 5 principles of budget assessment by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

He said that this time the size of capital expenditure in the budget is Rs 1 lakh 87 thousand crore. This budget is historic. In the BSP government, the total budget was only 1 lakh crore. Today the Yogi government’s revenue budget is a surplus budget, that means the government’s earnings have increased. In the discussion, the opposition raised the name of the Deloitte company. Deloitte is one of the 4th largest consultancy company in the world. The turnover of this company is 7 lakh 20 thousand crores from empty consultancy, it has more than 600 offices in 150 countries and has more than 6.25 lakh employees. 

"CM Yogi Hercules of today’s era"

BJP MLA said that if such a world-class company helps Uttar Pradesh to become an economy of Rs 1 trillion, then we should welcome it. Hercules was discussed in the morning. Hercules is the god of 2500 years old Greek civilization who is considered the son of the sky. He killed 12 fierce demons and demons. Modern day Hercules Yogi Adityanath is there. Who has killed the demons like corruption, mafia and terrorism which were considered impossible. They are talking about budget lapses. The biggest example of this is of Akhilesh government. In which 906 crore rupees were lapsed out of 3300 crore budget of the police department. 

"Many countries expressed confidence in the Yogi government"

Rajeshwar Singh said that the opposition is saying how the target of 5 trillion economy will be fulfilled. This is a small example of how India’s double engine government is changing India. From 1947 till today, 1 trillion FDI foreign investment came and half of that i.e. 50 percent foreign investment came in the last 8 years. It took 67 years for India to become a 1 trillion economy. It took 8 years to become the next 1 trillion economy and only 5 years to become the third trillion economy. Investors of the world have so much faith in India that foreign investment of more than 8 lakh crores came through FDI even during the Corona period. 

He said that expressing confidence in the Yogi government, many countries signed 19000 MoUs worth more than 33 thousand crores. Raids are being discussed in the House. Raids are being conducted on the corrupt and the mafia. The mining mafia of the previous government is in jail, their mining minister is in jail. 

"don’t underestimate the youth"

Referring to the youth, Rajeshwar Singh said that today’s youth keeps hope from us that we will bring a good policy in the Vidhansabha. He wants to study abroad, wants to do big work. Today there are 100 crore youth who will take us forward in the next 20 years. We should not underestimate the youth, they have risen above caste and religion. In the last 5 years, we have left behind France, England, Italy, Russia in terms of economic growth. We are bringing world class centres. World class MCDC is being built in Sarojini Nagar. We are making BrahMos missile. This is the world’s fastest cruise missile. These are the budget growth multipliers. Don’t mistake it for simple economy.

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