Tractor march to Mahapanchayat and Parliament in Lucknow, will farmers’ struggle continue? Find out what the farmer leaders said

New Delhi: The Union Government has announced the repeal of the Agriculture Act, but the farmers are still on the front line. Later, farmer leader Darshanpal Singh told reporters on Saturday that the ongoing farmers’ agitation against the three agriculture laws would continue and timely programs would be drawn up.

To make successful If any attempt is made to harass our comrades in Lakhimpur Khiri then we will agitate in Lakhimpur Khiri area. At the same time, he said that the program of 26th and 29th would continue.

"It is a good thing that the central government has taken this decision. There are many issues that need to be discussed now."& nbsp;

He said there are many issues that have not been discussed. So far the government has not accepted anything on MSP. We demand that the government bring in legislation on MSP. As long as our words are not obeyed, this movement will continue. BKU Sidhupur President Jagjit Singh Dalewal said that today a meeting of 9 member committee was held on this issue. In which it was decided that the programs that were already decided will remain the same. The apology given by the Prime Minister is correct, we could not explain to the farmers what these laws mean, it means that The law was not right but 700 farmers who have lost their lives are saddened by this.

He said that Jagjit Singh Dalewal and his organization would not contest from any party. Neither the election was fought nor will be fought, but whoever fights the election will have to solve the problems of farmers, unemployment, youth.

The government should withdraw the law as soon as possible & nbsp;
At the same time farmer leader Rakesh Tikait said that the issue was discussed in the meeting. He asked the government to withdraw the law immediately. He likes the return of the three black laws. But the government should immediately withdraw this law and address the issues that exist.

Ticket said that we will demand from the government to commemorate the farmers who lost their lives in this agitation. Give us a place. Where we can commemorate them and remember the agitating farmers for years. “November 26 will mark one year of our movement,” Tikait said. We will not have a big event at this time but we will have a meeting.

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