There is no third front, now the main front will be formed, Nitish Kumar’s indicative statement

Nitish Kumar: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is on a four-day visit to Delhi. It was discussed that Nitish Kumar is trying to create a third front for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. But now they have rejected the possibility of a third front and said that the main front will be established in its place. Talking to the journalists, he has said that, "There is no third front. So now it will become the main front." In a press conference, Nitish Kumar said, "We took a decision and the parties of Bihar came together. In the states where there are opposition parties, if they meet, the atmosphere will start to build in the country and it will bode well for 2024."text-align: justify;"> Nitish Kumar said, "I was getting calls from many party leaders for discussion. So I came to Delhi in this context. I will also meet Sonia Gandhi once. Everyone got a very good response. 2024 election is going to be very good for us. But this will be one-sided from their side. Not the third front, but the main front.” Nitish Kumar was asked by reporters about going to the election campaign in Haryana, he said, “I will participate in the rally in Haryana.” I have been there before.

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