The SC again refused to investigate the massacre in Kashmir, a petition was filed by the family of Tika Lal Taplu, who was killed in 1989.

Supreme Court On Massacre : Supreme Court  Supreme Court has refused to hear the petition of Ashutosh, son of Tika Lal Taplu, who was killed in Kashmir in 1989. It was said in the petition that 32 years have passed but the family does not even know what kind of investigation was done in this case. The family was not even given a copy of the FIR.

Senior advocate Gaurav Bhatia, who appeared for the petitioner, said that the 1984 Sikh massacre  (Massacre) referred to the SIT formed by the Supreme Court after three decades. He also demanded an inquiry into the Sikh massacre in 1989-90 including this case, but the bench of Justice BR Gavai and CT Ravikumar said, "We have already dismissed a similar plea. It cannot be heard now."

Demand letter given to the central government – Supreme Court

On September 2, the same bench asked the Supreme Court in Jammu and Kashmir between 1989 to 2003. had refused to hear the SIT inquiry into the massacre of Hindus and Sikhs and the demand for rehabilitation of displaced persons. The court ordered the petitioner organization ‘We the Citizens’  (‘We the Citizens’) was asked to give a demand letter to the central government for this. Earlier in 2017 too, the Supreme Court had refused to hear a similar petition of an organization called ‘Roots in Kashmir’. Then the court said that it is not possible to collect evidence after so many years of 1990 massacre.


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