The Modi government failed to double the income of farmers even in its last budget

The Modi government failed to double the income of farmers even in its last budget

Punjab News: Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann today severely criticized the Central Government for presenting the Union Budget which is anti-Punjab, anti-people, anti-farmer and directionless.

The Chief Minister said in a statement, "What a shame it is that the central government has completely neglected the state due to its narrow mindedness, disregarding the innumerable sacrifices made by the brave and hardworking Punjabis before and after independence."

The Chief Minister said that he was saddened to know that all the reasonable demands of Punjab were completely ignored and the state was not included anywhere in the Union Budget. He said that after keeping the tableau of the state out of the parade in the Republic Day event, this is the second attempt by the BJP-led central government to deliberately ignore the contribution of Punjab. Bhagwant Mann said that he does not understand why the BJP is treating Punjab like a stepmother. 1000 crore rupees was demanded from the center for the modernization of the police. He said that these funds are necessary to stop the smuggling of drugs and arms across the border, especially through hi-tech drones. Bhagwant Mann said that the central government put this demand on the back burner and did not allocate budget for it, which is putting the security of the border state in complete danger. Similarly, the Chief Minister said that during the pre-budget meetings he had also talked about the need to start Vande Matram trains from Amritsar and Bathinda to Delhi for the convenience of the people. He said that along with the idea of ​​connecting the five Takhts of the Sikhs by rail, this demand was also completely ignored. Bhagwant Mann said that this religious circuit will give a boost to tourism in the state and provide convenience to the travelers.

The Chief Minister also regretted that the budget has shown the anti-farmer face of the Modi government. He said that this is the last budget of the current Modi government, but despite the claims, nothing has been done to double the income of farmers. Bhagwant Mann said that the government is also running away from giving farmers minimum support price on crops which is very unfortunate. For this, they are pursuing financial assistance of 1500 rupees per acre from the center and an equal grant from the state, although nothing has been done by the central government in this regard.  Bhagwant Mann said that although the Union Finance Minister has vaguely announced the opening of new nursing colleges, no time frame has been set for this. The budget offered various facilities but completely neglected the Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes communities. He said that the script based budget is completely directionless and backward.  Bhagwant Mann said that Budget shows a lack of foresight for the common man which is very unfortunate. alerted to He said that India cannot be imagined without Punjab and the BJP-led central government’s attempt to turn a blind eye to the contribution of Punjab and Punjabis will not be tolerated at all.  Bhagwant Mann said that Punjab is the backbone and breadwinner of the country and its contribution to the country can never be reduced.


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