Tehsildar survives, open file turns out to be more venomous snake than cobra

New Delhi: Chaos erupted in a tehsildar’s office on Monday when a dangerous snake came out of a file. The incident is being reported from Betul in Madhya Pradesh. The file was placed on the tehsildar’s dice. As soon as the woman tehsildar opened the file, she saw the snake and lost consciousness. An employee then pulled the snake out and killed it with a stick.

By the way, government offices are often considered clean and safe. Files are also considered to be neat and tidy but on Monday an official file turned out to be deadly for a tehsildar.

She started shouting. The whole office was shaken. Tehsildar Antonia Ikka was sitting in his chamber. In front of the dice was a case file to add a name to the poverty line. As soon as the file was opened, the Tehsildar’s office was shaken. There was a snake sitting a foot and a half long in that file.

As soon as the tehsil clerk saw him, he immediately removed the file from the dice and at the same time ran outside. Then he killed the snake and took it out. An employee killed the snake with a stick.

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