Tampering in the security of Amit Shah! Suspect walking around wearing a blazer for hours, know the whole story…

Chandigarh: Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently visited Mumbai. Meanwhile, a case of negligence in the security of Amit Shah has come to light. Let us tell you that during Amit Shah’s visit to Mumbai, a person walked around him for several hours. The Mumbai Police arrested this person from Dhule in Maharashtra on Tuesday. Along with this, the accused has described himself as the PA of a Member of Parliament of Andhra Pradesh.


The police said that 32-year-old Hemant Pawar was arrested on Monday. Amit Shah and other politicians were seen hanging around at the official residence of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Seen hanging around
Sources said that an official of the ministry had seen Pawar hanging around politicians. When asked about his identity, he claimed that he was the PA of an Andhra MP. A policeman said, "Pawar was wearing the MHA ribbon and so no one suspected him." Ministry officials contacted the police, who tracked down Pawar and arrested him within three hours of the incident.

The accused was sentenced to five days Sent to police remand
The accused person was produced in Girigaon court from where he has been sent on five days remand. The Mumbai Police is continuously interrogating the person. The police are trying to find out with what motive the accused was hanging around the Union Home Minister.

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