Supreme Court stern on Central Vista petition: Ask the public where Vice President and PM reside

New Delhi : Supreme Court dismisses petition related to Central Vista project Petition Was requested to be changed. A number of petitions have been filed challenging the Central Vista project. These petitions And questions have been raised.

High Court Rajiv Suri’s petition Was hearing. The petition states that plot number one was to be used for recreation. , But it is being used for residential purposes. The court said no private property was being built there. ,

In fact, the petition claimed that Central Vista would reduce public transport in the area. This And the Supreme Court has reprimanded the petitioner. The court said that now the Vice President and the Prime Minister should be made by asking the common man. A bench headed by Justice AM Khanwilkar said that the policy was Past is the case. Everything can be criticized , But There should be creative criticism. How else can the Vice President’s residence be? ? , It can never be changed ? Even if it was once a recreation area Was selected . Can’t the authorities modify it for the overall development of the area? ?

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