Supreme Court: Same day approval, same day application and appointment for the post of Election Commissioner? Supreme Court Question to Central Govt

Supreme Court On Election Commissioner Appointment: Supreme Court once again Questions on Central Government How about same day approval, same day application and same day appointment for election commissioner post? The Supreme Court asked this question to the Central Government. The Supreme Court remarked that the Election Commissioner’s file had not traveled for even 24 hours. 

A petition has been filed regarding bringing transparency in selection of Chief Election Commissioner and two other commissioners. The petition is being heard before a five-judge constitution bench. 

Today, the Central Government submitted the document regarding the appointment of Election Commissioner Arun Goel in the Supreme Court. After that, the Constitution Bench Attorney General R. A few questions were raised with Venkataramani. We started hearing this case from 18th. On the same day you submit the file and the Prime Minister also recommends the same name, why this urgent action? Joseph did. So, Mr. Rastogi said that as per your submission,  the seat fell vacant on May 15. So, what did you (central government) do between May 15 and November 18? Take the question of how the government made the appointment so fast in a single day. Rastogi did. In some cases the process is expedited. However, he said that this case is from May 15. 

judge Regarding the appointment process, Joseph said that it should be made clear how one name is selected from so many qualified candidates. We are not against a person but we are concerned about the selection process, he also clarified. After that, the Attorney General informed the Constitution Bench about the selection process of the Election Commissioner. 

While questioning about the selection process, the constitution bench also asked the question that how the final four names of the Election Commissioner are determined, what criteria is followed by the Law Ministry. At that time, the Attorney General said that various criteria such as seniority, age etc. were being looked at. It was necessary for the Constitution Bench to see that the person you are selecting completes 6 years as Election Commissioner. However, the constitution bench pointed out that none of the candidates you have selected have completed six years of tenure. 

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