SIPRI Report: India remains on top in terms of arms imports, Pakistan increases imports

SIPRI Report: India remains on top in terms of arms imports, Pakistan increases imports

SIPRI Report on Arms Importers: India remains the world’s top arms importer, although its imports declined by 11 percent between 2013-17 and 2018-22 . Stockholm-based think tank ‘Sipri’ This information was given in a report released by SIPRI on Monday (March 13). Pakistan is also mentioned in the report. It said that during 2018-22, there was a 14 per cent increase in imports from Pakistan, the world’s eighth largest arms importer, with China as its main supplier.

Ukraine became the world’s third largest arms importer last year after receiving military aid from the US and Europe following the Russian attack, the report said. ‘SIPRI’ Pieter D Wezeman, a senior research fellow with the International Organization for Economic Research and Development, said that while there was a decline in arms imports last year, there was a spurt in arms purchases in European countries due to increasing tensions with Russia.

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The report attributed the decline in India’s arms imports to a complex procurement process, diversification of arms suppliers and a preference for domestic designs over imports. ‘Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’ (SIPRI) said that the world’s five largest arms importers during the year 2018-22 were India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Australia and China. According to the report, the five largest arms exporters are the US, Russia, France, China and Germany.

France is the second largest arms supplier to India

India received 30 percent of French arms exports during 2018-22. At the same time, France became the second largest arms supplier to India after Russia. Earlier, America used to be second in terms of supplying arms to India. According to Peter Wegemann, due to the decline in Russian arms exports, France is gaining a larger share of the global arms market, as for example Seen in India. 

Saudi Arabia second only to India among arms importers

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