Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab’s narco test will be on Monday? The whole truth of Shraddha murder will come out?

Shraddha Murder Case: The main accused in the murder of Shraddha Walker, Aftab Poonawalla, can be narco tested on Monday, November 28, 2022. Delhi Government’s Forensic Science Laboratory has also completed preparations for Aftab’s narco test. A separate special room for narco test has been prepared in Ambedkar Hospital. A team of five members will be present during this test. The team will also include two doctors from Ambedkar Hospital. 

The five-member team will consist of an anesthesiologist and a physician. These physicians will monitor Aftab’s body parameters. Apart from this, FSL will have two psychologists and a forensic photographer. The entire test will be photographed/videographed. This will be presented in court as important evidence.  

 Aftab has undergone polygraph test earlier. Sources say that in the narco test also the same questions that were asked in the polygraph test will be asked again. Because the answers given by Aftab in narco test will be compared with the answers given in polygraph test so that it is clear that Aftab has not given any fake answers.

Aftab has also undergone medical in Tihar jail for narco test. Now the police will once again seek permission to bring him from the jail for a narco test. After this entire process, the narco test process is likely to take place on Monday morning. This test is likely to take around three to four hours to complete. After this test, the whole truth of the Shraddha murder case is likely to come out. 

 Aftab is accused of murdering his girlfriend Shraddha Walker. Aftab Poonawala strangled 27-year-old Shraddha to death and cut her body into 35 pieces. He kept these 35 pieces in a 300 liter fridge at his house in Mehrauli, Delhi and then threw them in the forest for several days. Aftab is currently in judicial custody in this murder case. Aftab has been remanded in judicial custody for 13 days by a Delhi court. 

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