Sharad Pawar: From farmers to unemployment, Sharad Pawar, who became the NCP president again, attacked the Center by mentioning these issues.

NCP President Sharad Pawar: Sharad Pawar has once again been elected as the president of the Nationalist Congress Party in the ongoing meeting of the Congress Working Committee in Delhi. This proposal has been taken unanimously by all the members of the committee. Sharad Pawar is also a founding member of NCP.

While addressing the working committee meeting held in Delhi, Pawar said that he got an opportunity to interact with the friends and supporters of the party present in the working committee meeting. He said that friends, all over the world Corona problem.

Sharad Pawar said that he is happy that today they have come together in a big way for the meeting of the working committee. can He said that in the last two years we could not be a part of the national convention, today we are getting an opportunity to be a part of that convention.

Why  Important is the NCP session  ?

NCP president Sharad Pawar said that today’s meeting and tomorrow’s session are being organized in a different manner. For the first time, the responsibility of this convention has been taken on the shoulders of our colleagues leading Nationalist Youth Congress and Nationalist Students Congress. We have invited representatives of Nationalist Youth Congress and Nationalist Student Congress from every state for this programme. I welcome this young generation here with open heart.

‘Unprecedented situation before the country’

Said Sharad Pawar That we are witnessing a different unprecedented situation in front of the country. You will get an idea of ​​the whole situation when our opinion about it comes out. He said that there will be a more detailed discussion about this in tomorrow’s meeting. Those colleagues who want to participate in the discussion will also be given an opportunity.

Sharad Pawar said that today there are many such problems, the consequences of which the common people of the country have to bear every day. He said that farmers are a big part of the country, but the entire country has seen the attitude of the government, on which it is responsible for solving the problems of the farmers. Sharad Pawar further said that freedom It has never happened since that the farmers of the country come to the capital, sit on the border of Delhi and agitate for a year but their problems are not heard. Pawar alleged that the government ignored their demands. Sharad Pawar said that the central government has passed three agricultural laws in the parliament within 10 minutes. He said that there was no debate on these laws. Later he said that  Laws repealed. Pawar said that there are many other problems in the life of farmers. When the crop in the country is high, they get a chance to go to the international market, but the government has banned that too.

What did Pawar say about unemployment?

Sharad Pawar said that today a large part of the society belongs to the youth. The biggest problem facing these youth is unemployment. Discussions are going on everywhere about what steps should be taken in this regard. Young people struggled in many places. He said that I am surprised that the Prime Minister spoke about the respect of women while addressing the countrymen from the Red Fort on August 15. On the one hand, the Prime Minister of the country talks about the respect of women and after two days, the accused of Bilkis are released from the state from which the Prime Minister comes.

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