Seat Belt: Do you know the history of ‘Seat Belt’ which is currently being discussed everywhere?

Seat Belt:  After the accidental death of famous entrepreneur Cyrus Mistry, Seat belt is being discussed strongly. Experts have emphasized on the point that the use of seat belts is necessary for safety. On the other hand, the central government has also indicated that it will make it mandatory for the passenger sitting in the back seat of the car to wear a seat belt. The seat belt in the car was not designed for the driver, passenger in the car in the early days. 

Engineer George Cayley is credited with the research of the seat belt. They used seat belts around 1800 AD. He designed for his glider. It is considered one of the most important researches in the aviation sector at that time. This seat belt was also used for the passenger seat along with the pilot. 

American inventor Edward Claghorn is credited with inventing the seat belt used in cars. The seat belt he designed in 1885 was used in taxis in New York. Then in 1946 Dr. C. Hunter Shelden did important work for the automotive industry.  The concept of retractable seat belt was his. 

Dr. Sheldon was a neurosurgeon at Huntington Memorial Hospital in California. Many patients who were seriously injured in car accidents were admitted for treatment. Most of them were hit on the head. Then they created the seat belt. Dr. Seat belts grew in popularity after Sheldon designed them and by the 1950s they were used in all racing cars. Seat belts were made mandatory in racing cars in many places. Seat belts were not factory fitted in the car at that time. Had to buy separately. 

The American company NASH was the first to include seat belts in its cars in 1949. That company installed seat belts in 40 thousand cars. At that time, many dealers suggested removing seat belts. Many drivers were not wearing seat belts. In 1955, the Ford company started providing seat belts in cars. Seat belts were optional at that time. According to Ford, only 2 out of 100 drivers used seat belts at the time. The Swedish car company SAAB was the first to make  seat belts a standard feature for their cars. 

When seat belts were introduced, there were two point seat belts. This provided protection only to the waist. After that, the design of the seat belt changed and the safety of the body improved. The current car seat belt is a 3 point seat belt.  

Seat belt designs are constantly being improved. There are four, five, six point seat belts. However, all these seat belts are in racing cars. A 7 point seat belt is used on the pilot’s seat in an aircraft. 

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