Satyendra Jain Viral Video : Massage facility for AAP leader Satyendra Jain in jail? In front of the CCTV footage in the jail, the video went viral

Satyendra Jain Viral Video : Money Laundering (Money Laundering) Satyendra Jain (Satyendra Jain)."Video" href="" target="_self">Video (Video Viral) is currently going viral on social media. Satyendar Jain is seen doing massage in this jail. All this has been captured in the CCTV footage here. Because of this, Satyendar Jain, who is confined in Tihar Jail, is getting VIP treatment at this place and it is being alleged that he is living a very luxurious life. After this footage comes to light, it is predicted that there will be an earthquake in Delhi politics. 




Earthquake in Delhi politics?

In the CCTV footage, Satyendar Jain is seen lying on a bed reading something while a man is seen massaging his feet. Meanwhile, the jail administration is yet to respond to the viral footage of Tihar Jail. So, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has approached the court regarding this video. After this footage comes to light, it is predicted that there will be an earthquake in Delhi politics. Satyendar Jain is seen enjoying a massage in jail in the CCTV footage that surfaced on Saturday.

Jail CCTV footage handed over to court 

An unidentified person is seen massaging the legs and body of Satyendra Jain in the jail. According to the sources, the ED has complained about this entire matter in the court and the CCTV footage of the jail has been handed over to the court. Satyendra Jain is locked up in Jail number seven of Tihar. Four jail officials and employees, including the jail superintendent, have been suspended for providing facilities to Satyendar Jain. At the same time, more than 35 prison officers have been transferred.

BJP criticizes ‘AAP’

After this footage came out, Bharatiya Janata Party targeted Aam Aadmi Party. is After this footage surfaced, BJP accused Satyendar Jain of getting VIP treatment in jail. CCTV footage of Satyendra Jain’s barrack in Tihar Jail went viral on Saturday. Viral footage shows Satyendar Jain getting a massage in his cell.


LOWEST-LEVEL OF POLITICS BY BJP!@SatyendarJain has an L5-S1 vertebrae disc injury

Doctor recommended Regular Physiotherapy/Acupressure Treatment

BJP is losing MCD & Gujarat elections so they illegally released his video, calling it ‘VIP treatment’

Here’s the medical report:

— AAP (@AamAadmiParty) November 19, 2022


Not ashamed to make fun – AAP’s response to all these kinds of 
AAP Manish Sisodia targeted BJP and said, today BJP is making fun of someone’s illness. Anyone can get sick. Even the Prime Minister of the country may fall ill. It is not right to do such a bad thing. Only BJP can do the evil deed of releasing treatment videos. Anyone from the Prime Minister to the person in jail can get sick. Satyendra Jain has been in jail for six months. He was injured while in jail. His spine is injured. He has also undergone two surgeries in the hospital. Also the doctor has asked to do physiotherapy. Regular physiotherapy is essential. A person is injured, a doctor treats him. Then there is no shame in making fun of him.



According to the law, a person imprisoned in jail has the right,
If he has an illness, he will be treated. Such videos will be found in other jails.

Court directs ED not to leak video. Despite this BJP played the video. This is a violation of court orders. This is what we will do.


— AAP (@AamAadmiParty) November 19, 2022


On May 30  Arrest by ED
Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi government minister Satyendar Jain The arrest was made by the Enforcement Directorate under sections of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act on May 30. A case has been registered against Satyendra Jain in the case of unaccounted assets. Earlier, in April, the ED had attached assets worth Rs 4.81 crore belonging to Jain’s family and companies under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002. These included properties of Akinchan Developers Pvt Ltd, Indo Metal Impex Pvt Ltd and other companies. According to reports, after he became a minister in the Kejriwal government in 2015, all of Jain’s shares were transferred in his wife’s name. Jain was questioned by the ED after the case came to light after his arrest, at which time he claimed to have lost his memory due to Corona.



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