Satya Pal Malik: ‘If I had stopped speaking against the Centre, I would have become the Vice President’ – Satya Pal Malik’s sensational claim

CHANDIGARH: Meghalaya Governor Satyapal Malik on Saturday claimed that he was given a hint that he would be made the Vice President if he stopped speaking out against the Centre. (Vice President) will be made. On making Jagdeep Dhankhar the Vice President, Malik said, ‘Dhankhar was a worthy candidate, he should have been made the Vice President. It is not right for me to say this, but my indications were that if you do not speak, I will make you (Vice President) but I cannot do that. I definitely speak what I feel."

When asked about Rahul Gandhi’s visit, Malik said to the media in Jhunjhunu, “It is a good thing to work for your party. There are young men, walking. Now the leaders do not do all this work at all. 

On the possibility of restarting the Kisan Andolan, Malik said, ‘Kisan Andolan… I am not going to do it, but the farmers have to do it. . As the situation stands, if the central government does not agree on the MSP, there will be a struggle. On changing the name of the Rajpath to ‘Kartav Path’, he said, “There was no need for it, the Rajpath was also fine.” Good in listening, good in pronunciation.

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Criticism of central government over raids by Income Tax Department and Enforcement Directorate Malik said, “If some raids are done on BJP people too, it will not be said. There are many people in BJP who deserve to be raided. If you get some raids on your loved ones too then this issue does not arise.

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